Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome

With a partner, you are going to study either Ancient Greece or Ancient Rome. After learning about several ancient civilizations as a whole class, it is time for you to do some independent learning.

Below, you will find several categories with a menu of activities that will help you to organize your final project—which will be an electronic portfolio (on a wiki page) of your learning. Remember, if you draw/create something that isn’t electronic, you can take a picture of it, or scan it, into your wiki page. Be sure that you complete the required number of activities from each section.

As part of your introduction to your ancient civilization, you and your partner need to.....

1. Complete the Kids Discover magazine packet for either Ancient Greece or Ancient Rome.

2. Watch a video about your civilization on United Streaming ..... and complete a "quiz" to show what you learned. User Name: derbystudent
Password: dragons

Ancient Greece: Living History: Living in Ancient Greece

Ancient Rome: Living History: Living in the Roman Empire

As you complete each piece of your project.... please upload or link it to the appropriate category below.....



Ancient Rome Crossward Puzzle



4. An irrigation system invented by the Etruscans

7. One of the seven hills in ancient Rome


1. An official of the Roman Republic elected by plebeians to protect their rights

2. A person trained to fight another person to the death for entertainment

3. One of two chief leaders in the Roman Republic

5. People from the ancient country of Latium,an area in what is now the country of Italy

6. A group of 300 men elected to govern Rome in the Roman Republic




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