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Book Title:
Millicent Min Girl Genius
Lisa Yee
Number of Pages
248 pages
Book Summary:
Millicent is a girl genius who is trying to hide all her diplomas and secrets from her friend Emily. The story takes place at the college, park, Emily & Millicent's house, & Millicent's tree. Emily and Millicent have an argument because Emily finds out Millicent's been hiding a huge secret. Her secret is that she's been getting medals and diplomas all her life. What Millicent really wants is for Emily to think of her as a normal girl. Millicent calls Emily on the phone and says I want to be friends again. Emily asks why do you just want to tell me more lies? Millicent says let's meet at the food court. Just give me ten minutes of your time. In the end they make up by talking it all out and Millicent telling Emily why she lied.
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Book Rating and Why?
Wikitastic: WWWW
I enjoyed this book because Millicent is different from every one else in the book and it's ok to be different from every one else.