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external image 220px-Egypt_Topography.png
the surface or features in a place like mountains and deserts
the topography here is great for growing plants
external image SuperStock_1436R-16087.jpg
the plant life in an area
the vegetation here is awesome
external image Nile%20Delta1.jpg
the mouth of a river
there's the delta of the river
external image 220px-Cyperus_papyrus6.jpg
a tough plant used to make paper and rope in ancient times
that's a papyrus plat
external image 220px-IowaTipi.JPG
a person who move place to place and dont have a permident home
some indians were nomadic
external image 150px-Star_of_David.svg.png
Jewish people
the hebrews traveled very far
external image torah.jpg
a jewish scroll about judism
the torah is a very special thing in judism
external image V054.jpg
the jewish leader that led them from mesopatamia to canaan
theres a picture of Abraham
external image moses.jpg
a jewish leader that led them out of slavery in egypt
their talking about Moses
King David
external image KingDavid.jpg
was a jewish king he was the father of king david
king David was a great leader
external image King_Solomon.jpg
the hebrew king who built the hebrews first great temple
Solomon was a great man
external image bnsshake.gif
an agreemaent between two people
abraham and God made a covenant
external image Family_Tree_img.jpg
someones daughter, son, grandauther, grandson and so on
i'm a descendant of my parents
external image sacrifice_662225.jpg
giving up something of value as an offering
sacrifice's are made every day
external image prophet.gif
someone who speaks or interprets God to other people
very few people are prophets
external image 8377101-cartoon-illustration--green-grasshopper.jpg
a disaster affecting many people sent by God as a punishment
plague's are bad and can kill many people
external image parting-the-red-sea.jpg
the escape of the hebrews from egyptian slavery
the exodu was an amazing thing
Ten Commandments
external image 10-commandments.jpg
ten laws written in stone passed down by God to Moses
the ten commandments are very important to jewish people
external image the%20Temple%20of%20Artemis%20at%20Epheus.gif
is the holiest day of the week
sabbath is celebrated by many jewish people
Ark of Covenant
external image GARK29.gif
a chest containing the ten commandments
the ark of covenant is a very cool casing for the ten commandments