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human sacrifices
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humans scraficed for something
Human sacrifice has happened many times.
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a group of people
If you travel through a desert you have to look out for clans of thieves.
Shang Dynasty
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A dynasty that ruled from 1700 to 1122 B.C.E.
The Shang Dynasty was the first dyansty of China.
ancestor worship
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to worship your ancestors
Ancestor worship is a long tradition.
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a form of writing like pictographs
Logographs were used in China during the dynasties.
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the amount of money going from you to the government
The current economy is decent.
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ethics that are focused on love and respect for elders
Confucianism is a long and celebrated tradition.
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more of a flexable type of leadership more nature based
Daoism has been around for centuries.
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very strong leadership
Legalism is used by many leaders.
Mandate of Heaven
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a power of abilitie said to be given by God
Some people believe that they have a power from the Mandate of Heaven.
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a system of goevernment that is made up of many different people
Fuedalism was used by many empires.
Zhou Dynasty
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A dynasty that ruled 1045 to 256 B.C.E.
The Zhou Dynasty was bigger than the Shang Dynasty.
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a philoshopher that created Confucianism
Confucius founded Confucianism.
civil servants
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survivers of the civil war but now have to be servants
There were many civil servants after the war.
Qin Shihuangdi
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The first emporer of China, who ruled from 221 to 210 B.C.E.
Qin Shihuangdi constructed the Great Wall!
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to make something standard
Some people like to standardize their living style.
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to get rid of or get rid of something, or leave a native country
Native people sometimes exile from their country.
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unable to be hurt or to age
Gods are said to be immortal.
Han Dynasty
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a dynasty that ruled from 206 B.C.E. to 220 C.E.
The Han dynasty extended the Great Wall!
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a system of government that is made mainly of the emperor
Bureacucracy was commonly used for a certain period in time.
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Symbols or characters that represent something
Calligraphy is often compared to pictograph writing.
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something that relives pain
Many people use anestheic methods to relieve pain
Silk Road
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a sytem of trade routes through China and Southern Asia
The Silk Road had a major impact on China.
Zhang Qian
An explorer who made Chinese trade possible
Zhang Qian help China in many ways.