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History Terms with
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Define the term in your own words.
Use the word in a sentence that shows understanding of the word's meaning.

external image map-of-subcontinent-1971.gif
A highly populated large area that is connected to a continent
India is a subcontinent
external image monsoons2.gif
A large, long-lasting storm in India
India has a long lasting monsoon
external image ueol_03_img0100.jpg
a large area of land
large areas of land with many physical features
external image glacier1.jpg
large mountians covered in snow and ice
many glaciers are found in older places
external image brass0004natr.jpg
a large world religion
many people in the world follow hinduism
external image eckert_dharma01.jpg
your jobs and duties within your caste
there different dharmas for different people
external image brahman.jpg
an all powerful being
Brahman is a part of everything
external image white_mahakala_the_deity_of_wealth_and_prosperity_tc47.jpg
faces of brahman
many forms of brahman
external image Karma.jpg
What decides if you are good or bad based off your actions
karma decides of your good or bad
external image samsara-wheel.jpg
the continuious cycle of birth, death and rebirth
eventually you can ecape samsara
external image 300px-Rigveda_MS2097.jpg
Hinduisms sacred text
vedas is an ancient holy book
external image skt_con1.gif
the ancient language
indian people used to write in sankrit
Brahman (ism)
external image brahmanism_GodsOfTheIndianTriad.jpg
being a spiritual leader
brahmanism is to be a spiritual leader
external image caste_indian.jpg
your social class
there are 4 main castes
external image 220px-Reincarnation2.jpg
coming back to life
Hindu people believe in reincarnation
external image NORpilgrimageW.jpg
a journey to a certian place
Hindu people are supposed to take a prilgrimage once in their life
external image buddhism.jpg
a major world religion started in India
Buddism is many peoples religion
external image buddha3.jpg
The founder of Buddism
the founder of buddism is buddha
Prince Siddhartha
external image buddha31a.jpg
the man that was Buddha before he found enlightenment
prince siddhartha was buddha after he found enlightenment
external image 300px-Mahavratas.jpg
people who give up much to try and find enlightenment
people woh give up much are to become enlightened are usually ascetic
external image 220px-Ravi_Varma-Lady_Giving_Alms_at_the_Temple.jpg
a bowl carried by the poor for donations
many poor people carry alms
external image enlightenment.jpg
when you find peace and understanding of everything around you
enlightenment is when you find peace
external image EESolSymbolSmall.jpg
the state where you feel no suffering or pain
few become part with the nirvana
external image unification-buddha-near.jpg
becoming one
people try and unify themselves
Mauryan Empire
external image history-of-india0.gif
an intense and powerful empire
the mauryan empire was very strong and powerful
external image asoka1.gif
an official order
people use edicts to confirm something
a very religious man
a Monk is usually wearing orange
external image shaolin-temple-kung-fu-monk-40203153924658.jpg a very religious man