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human sacrifices

File:Polyxena Neoptolemus.jpg
File:Polyxena Neoptolemus.jpg

Sacrificing a human being for religious beliefs.
I think that human sacrifices are wrong.
external image 320px-Ancestral_Temple_in_Pingtung_County_Taiwan.JPG
A group of united people.
Are you in a clan?
Shung Dynasty

external image 279px-Shang_dynasty.svg.png
The first chinese dynasty.
I loved the shung dynasty.
ancestor worship

external image 320px-Xingtian_Temple_DSC02236.jpg
Worshiping your ancestors (e.g. your great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great grandma.)
I have great ancestor worship.

external image Papyrus_Ani_curs_hiero.jpg
A symbol that represents a word.
I just designed a logograph.

File:BMC 193.jpg
File:BMC 193.jpg

A system of money used for purchases.
I hate the economy.

Dacheng Hall.JPG
Dacheng Hall.JPG

A Chinese philosophy that involves being very ethical, and respecting your ancestors.
I think that Confucianism is the best philosophy.

File:Yin and Yang.svg
File:Yin and Yang.svg

An easy going Chinese philosophy that involves being at peace with nature.
I think that Daoism is the best philosophy.

external image 161px-Shangyang.jpg
A harsh Chinese philosophy that involves punishment for wrong-doing, such as doing your work wrong.
I think that legalism is the best philosophy.
Mandate of Heaven

File:Heraldic Royal Crown (Common).svg
File:Heraldic Royal Crown (Common).svg

A belief that all decisions are to be made with legitimate divine approval.
I believe in the mandate of heaven.

external image 220px-Rolandfealty.jpg
A set of legal customs and military customs.
I think that feudalism was one of the best things that happened in the past.
Zhou Dynasty

File:Zhou dynasty 1000 BC.png
File:Zhou dynasty 1000 BC.png

The successor of the Shang dynasty, that lasted from 1046 BC–256 BC.
I didn 't like the Zhou dynasty.

File:Confucius Tang Dynasty.jpg
File:Confucius Tang Dynasty.jpg

He was a Chinese social philosopher who lived to the age of 71-72
I think that Confucius lived to be very old.
civil servants

external image 320px-Meister_der_Kahriye-Cami-Kirche_in_Istanbul_005.jpg
The body of government employees, except in the military.
I want to be a civil servant.
Qin Shihuangdi


The king of China during the Qin dynasty.
I worship Qin Shihuangdi.

external image 320px-Normal_distribution_and_scales.gif
To make a currency or object standard.
I want to standardize puppies.

File:The First Night in Exile.jpg
File:The First Night in Exile.jpg

To be away from your hometown.
I am going to be very exile.

external image 180px-Fountain_of_Eternal_Life_crop.jpg
To live forever.
I am immortal.
Han Dynasty

external image 320px-Han_map.jpg
The dynasty that succeeded the Qin dynasty.
I want to be born in the Han dynasty period.

external image bureaucracy.jpg
An organization of non-elected official government people.
I was once a bureacucracy, but then I took an arrow to the knee.

external image 320px-Ijazah3.jpg
The art of fancy handwriting.
I have amazing calligraphy

external image 4b8b31ffc6899eea4c264eb5d392.jpg
A drug that makes you forget.
I take anestetic a lot.
Silk Road

external image 320px-Silk_route.jpg
The ancient trading route.
I once slept on the Silk road.
Zhang Qian

The first official diplomat to get truthful information about Asia.
I love Zhang Qian.