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Tending To Grace
Kimberly Newton Fusco
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In my book Tending to Grace I have read that, there is a girl named Cornelia who does not have any friends, Cornelia loves to read, and she stutter's. Her mom and her mom's boyfriend just dropped her off at her grandmother's sister house named Agatha. The reason why Cornelia is getting dropped off at Agatha house is because Cornelia's mom wants to go to Las Vegas Nevada with her boyfriend. In the mean time Cornelia stay's wih Agatha. They laugh together every now and then, but they don't talk a lot. If your wondering what's going to happen next you should read the book.
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Wikirific: WWW. The reason why I gave this book a wikirific is because it was'nt the best book I ever, but it was a great book. I hope someone reads this because it is a good book.