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The features of a surface.
Every kind of land has to have some kind of topography
The main plant that is for certain land.
You need vegetation to live.
The mouth of the river.
The Mississippi River has a delta.
The paper that eqyptians used.
Till now Egyptians still use papyrus.
A person who doesnt have a parmenet home.
There were lots of nomads at that time.
The people who lived northeast of Egypt.
The Hebrews were part of Moses clan.
The sacred book of Judaism.
The Torah is kind of like the Bible.
The father of the Hebrews and Judaism.
Abraham was a prophet.
The prophet who let the Hebrews escape from freedom.
Moses let the Hebrews escape from slavery.
King Davidking-david.jpg
The king who found the Kingdom of Isreal.
David beaten the fiercest warrior of Philistines, the giant Goliath.
King SolomonGB_king_solomon.gif
The king who build the Great Temple of Jerusalem.
Solomon build the Great temple of Jerusalem.
A promise.
Abraham made a conevant with God.
The life of a family going on and on.
God promised a favor for Abraham that he will make his descendants be safe.
A gift of an animal as a gift for gods.
At that time it was common to offer a sacifice as a gift for god.
A person who speaks to god.
Moses was a prophet.
A terrible disaster that was send by God as a punishment.
God punished Egypt with 10 terrible plagues.
The escape of Hebrews from egyptian slavery.
At that time there was a Exodus.
Ten Commandmentsten_commandments_2.jpg
The laws that god gave to Moses.
Christians and Chatholics have the Ten Commandments too.
The seventh day of the week to be used for rest and worship.
The Hebrews had the Commandments and one of the Commadmentd was to set aside one day of the week for worship and rest, so that day was called Sabbath
Ark of CovenantArkoftheCovenant.jpg
The chest containing the Ten Commandments.
David touched the Ark of the Covenant