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isolated communities
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A settlement that is seperated from other settlements by feuters such as mountains or oceans
i have seen alot of isolated communities.
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A settlement in a distant place
i live in a colony.
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A small comunity or village
i used to live in a sttlement.
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A place that provides protection from weather like a house.
i live in a shelter.
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A person who lives in a colony
i know a colonist.
oracle (not a bone)
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a bone
i have seen a oracle
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A person who makes money by selling goods
i am a merchant.
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an early city that was like a small independant country with its own laws and government.
i live in a city-state.
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a form of government in which the ruling power is in the hands of one person.
my dad works for monarchy.
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A form of government in which the ruling power is in the hands of few people
i am a oligarchy.
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A form of government in which the ruling power is in the hands of one person who is not a lawfull king.
i am a tyranny.
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A form of government in which the ruling power is ruiled by all citizens
i use democracy.
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A single ruler who hold all power in one country or empire
i am a monarch.
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A member of the most powerfull class in Ancient Greek socioty
i used to be a aristocrat.
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one of several people who rule a country or empire together (share the power)
i am a oligarch.
external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRx1cVBu5mTB7dR2GLaJN3jqdgCmoPJpItgwNz87dU_b446cP6KSwTyrant
A person who siezes power illegally
i know a tyrant.
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A group of citizens in an acient Greek democrocy with the power to pass laws
i go to assemblys.
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the peninsula forming the southern partof the mainland of Greece
external image insert_table.gifi used to live in a peloponnesus.
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A marketplace in ancient Greece
i shop at agora.
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A female priest.
i am not a priestess.