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Big Nate on a Roll
Lincoln Peirce
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Book Summary:
Nate was just a regular kid doing the activities he loves. Now his life is suddenly ruined when the boy, Artur, joins his boy scout troop and has a girlfriend who is the girl Nate likes. Now there is a fundraiser for selling these things called warm fuzzies and Nate wants to win the grand prize a skateboard. Nate really wants to beat Artur so that he can finally lose for once and Nate hopes to win the skateboard. Will Nate be able to win the grand prize and beat Artur or will he lose and get the second place prize?
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Book Rating and Why?
I would rate this book wikirific because this book is a hilarious story about a boy who does weird things to do certain things. Lincoln Pierce is a really funny writer about Nate's life. He writes stuff about Nate that makes him do silly things.