History Term
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of the history term
The landscape of an area such as rivers, mountains, feilds,etc.
Ancinet kush had very pretty topography.
People in ancient times did this too grow fruits and vegetables.
The ancient egyptians had lots of vegetation, they had many plants, fruits, and vegetables.
An area at the mouth of a river
The delta was in blocking my path so I had to go around it.
A water plant used to make paper and rope.
The papyrus was very stiff and hard.
A nomad is a person who moves alot and does not own a permenent shelter.
Many people in ancient times were nomads because weather was very harsh.
A society that lived in northeast Egypt.
There were many hebrews around our civilization.
The first five books that are part of the jewish bible.
I saw a man reading a torah yesterday.
The person that led the Hebrews from Mestopatamia to Canaan.
I saw Abraham leading the Hebres out of Mesopatamia.
A leader that led his people out of slavery in Egypt and brought Judaism it's laws, and the Ten Comandments.
I saw Moses running away with his people.
King David
King David made Jerusalem a holy city.
My freind went to Jerusalem for chanukah
A Hebrew king that help build Jerusalems first temple.
Solomon was an important part of Judaism.
A promise or agreement
Many leaders make covenants to unite countries.
A person who descends from their ancestors.
My freinds are descendents of their ancestors.
A present or gift that is sacrificed to give to gods.
Many tribes sacrifice things as a part of their indeginous religon.
A person who speaks about things that God told them to.
There were many prophets in Jerusalem.
A unfortunate event said to be a punishment by God.
The plague was being talked about alot in Jerusalem.
When the Hebrews escaped Egyptian slavery.
Abraham led slaves out of Egypt during the Exodus.
Ten Commandments
Ten laws that God gave to Moses.
The Ten Commandments are practiced alot even today.
A day of the week for rest and worship.
I saw many people talking about Sabbath last week.
Ark of Covenant
A chest that has the Ten Commandments,and written stone tablets, Hebrews carried it with them while they wandered after their flight in Egypt.
I saw a Hebrew carrying the Ark of the Covenent while he was wandering.