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human sacrifices Human_Sacrifice.png
someone who gets killed as a religous sacrifce.
Many religous clans did human sacrifices as a present to their gods or godesses.
A big group of people.
Many clans in ancient times had their own religous rituals or often times established their own religion.
Shang Dynastyshang_dynasty.jpg
A dynasty from China made around 1700 to 1122 B.C.E.
The Shang Dynasty was established around the Huang He.
ancestor worshipancestor_worship.jpg
Honoring passed family members through rituals.
Many people had an ancester worship with offerings of some of the food that the person liked.
A hand written character that represents a full word.
In ancient China they used logographs as a form of writing.
economy economy.png
A way of managing money.
Many governments form an economy for their countries money.
A way to have proper manners.
Many people in China know Conficianism and use it when they go to nice events.
A way of living in harmony with nature.
Many people study Daoism to be closer to nature.
Legalism Confuciansim.jpg_2.gif
Strict obedience to law.
Police enforce legalism so everything and everywhere is safe.
Mandate of Heaven mandate_of_heaven.gif
A power that is thought to be powered by God.
The Mandate of Heaven was invented by the Zhou Dynasty.
feudalism Feudalism.png
A form of governemnt made by landowners and tenants.
When there was fuedalism the king owned all the land.
Zhou Dynasty standardize.jpg
A Dynasty that ruled around 1045 B.C.E to 256 B.C.E.
The Zhou Dynasty was led by many different leaders throughout their years of power.
Confucius Legalsim.jpg
The man who invented the philosophy of Confucianism.
Confucias deeply respected Chinese traditions.
civil servants Civil_Servnta.jpg
Someone who works for the governement.
Civil servants had to take a quiz on Confucianism before getting hired to the government.
Qin Shihuangdi Legalsim.jpg
The ruler of the Qin Dynasty.
Qin Shihuandgi beleived that using Legalism, a philosophy that beileves in harsh punishment, to rule the dynasty.
standardize standardize.jpg
To make the same.
The Qin Dynasty started standardization.
exile exile.jpg
Not living in ones native land.
People were in exile while building the Great Wall of China.
immortal Immortal.png
To live forever.
Qin Shihuadgi wanted to be immortal.
Han Dynasty Han_Dyansty.png
An dyansty that lasted from 206 B.C.E to 220 C.E.
The Hand dyanasty inventide many things such as the foot-powered reeling machine.
bureacucracy beuracracy.png
A type of government where very few people rule others.
The Hand dyansty had a bureacuracy.
calligraphy Calligrahy.png
A type of writing.
The Han invented calligraphy.
anesthetic Anesthetic.png
A type of medicine.
The Han invened medicine and anesthetics.
Silk Road silk_road.jpg
A road for trading.
Many peoplle used the Silk Road for trading things like religions or goods.
Zhang Qian Zhan_Qian.png
A Chinese explorer.
Zhang Qian is often called the father of teh Silk Road.