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The diffrent surfaces like lakes and other things.
The topography is awesome out here in Michigan!
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the plants of a place or region.
Is the vegitation good all the way out here? John asked

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an area deposited by a mouth of a river.
wow look at that delta way over there. I have never have seen one.

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a tough plant used to make things in ancient times.
The ancient Egyptians used papyrus to write hiroglifics on.

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a person that moves from place to place with no exact home.
my cozin used to be a nomad.

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people that belive in judaism.
alot of my frinds belive in Hebrew.

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the first five books of the jewish bible
The Torah is just like the Bible.

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Abraham was one of the 4 fathers of hebrew
Abraham was consiterd one of the kings of the jewish people

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Moses was one of the 4 fathers of hebrew
Moses was consiterd one of the kings of the jewish people
King David

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king David was one of the 4 fathers of hebrew
King David was consiterd one of the kings of the jewish people

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solomon was one of the 4 fathers of hebrew
A Solmon was consiterd one of the kings of the jewish people

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a thing given to us by God
The convent was given to us by god

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A person that descends from a ansester.
my desendents where fighting in world war 2

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to give up somthing, or to give away
i sacraficed my pumpkin to the squirls

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A person that speaks for God.
there are many prophets in this world

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A deadly disese
the Plague was spread all over Europe

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A group of people usally leaving from some where.
Moses lead the Exoudus out of Egypt
Ten Commandments

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precepts spoken by God to Israel, given to Moses on Mount Sinai
The Ten Comandments was given to Moses

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the Sabbath is like church for jewish people
My friends go to Sabbath every sunday
Ark of Covenant

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A chest contaning the 10 comandments.
the ark of the covenant was made out og pure Gold