History Term
Definition in your own words
Use the word in a sentence that shows your understandingof the history term
human sacrifices
a person that is killed during a rilgious sacrifice.
a long time ago they used human sacrafices
a large group of friends and family.
i was apart of a clan last year
Shang Dynasty
A ancient china dynasty.
the shang dynasty was one of the dynastys in china
ancestor worship
a ritual to honnor your ancestors.
in ancient china they would use ancestor worship.
a writen charactar that represents a word.
in the chinese language today they still use logographs.
a system of managing the wealth of a community or religion.
my city birmingham has a pretty good economy
a chinese philosofhy.
confucianism wqs one of the 3 main Philosephies
a chinese philosphy that shows living and peace with nature.
daoism was one of the 3 main philosiphies of ancient china
a chinese philosophy that emfisizes obidence to law.
leglism is wrong, i think
Mandate of Heaven
a power or law belived to be granted by god.
i belived in the mandate of heaven
a system of chinese government.
the ancient chinese people had fuedalism
Zhou Dynasty
a line of rulers in china.
the zhou dynasty wa sone of the ancient chinese dynastys
a chinese philosophy.
confucius was important to the people of china
civil servants
a person that works for the government.
there used to be civil servents in ancient china.
Qin Shihuangdi
the man who became a emporer.
qin shihauangdi was a powerfull leader in ancient china.
to make the same.
i had to standerize my homework becuase it was to long.
living away from ones native country.
i saw a exile once
to live forever and not be able to die.
i wish i was immortal
Han Dynasty
a chinese dynasty.
the han dynasty was a very powerful dynasty in ancient china!
a form of government in wich few people rule many others.
i dont know how the world would work if we had bureacucracy.
the art of fine hand writeing.
i want to learn how to use calligraphy.
somebody that takes away feeling of pain.
it would be really cool to be a anesthetic
Silk Road
a network of trade routes.
we have just made silk roads in america
Zhang Qian
capital of han dynasty.
zhang was a powerful capital in the most powerful dynasty