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human sacrificesimages.jpeg
A person who is killed as a part of a religious ritual.
The shang proformed human sacrifices.
A large group of friends and family.
When clans become really powerful they can over rule the empior.
Shang Dynastyimages-2.jpeg
The chinese dynasty that ruled the area around the Huang He from 1700 to 1122 B.C.E.
for hundrads of years people thought the Shang Dynasty was a myth.
ancestor worshipimages-3.jpeg
Honoring ancestors through rituals such as offering food and wine to the dead.
the religon of the Shang centerd on ancestor Worship.
A written character that represents a word.
The chineese writing was logograph.
A system of managing the wealth of a community or region.
The Shang empiors spent so much money on there palaces they weekend the economy.
A Chinese philosophy that emphasizes proper behavior.
Confucianism respected chinese traditions.
The philosophies of confucianism and Daoism.
Daoism encouraged rulers to rule less harshly.
A chinese philosophy that emphasizesatrict obenience to law.
legalism thought that rulers create order only through strict laws.
Mandate of Heavenimages-8.jpeg
A power or law belived to be granted by a god.
Zhou astablished their rule over china and claimed had been given the Mandate of heaven.
A system of goverment based on landoweners and tenants.
the Zhou increesed the stability of there rule through feudalism.
Zhou Dynastyimages-12.jpeg
A line of rulers in china from about 1045 to 256 B.C.E.
the Zhou dynasty ruled over a groupe of states in China.
A Chinese philosophy that emphasized proper brhavior.
Confucius wanted to teach men a good character to work as honest and fair goverment officials.
civil servantsimages-18.jpeg
A person who works for a goverment.
In China civil servants are mostly nobles sons.
Qin Shihuangdiimages-19.jpeg
The man who became emperor over a united China from 221 to 210 B.C.E.
the empior of Qin Shihuangdi was a good empior and a bad empior.
To make the same.
one way the empior of qin unifyed china was by standarizing ther cultural practices.
living away from ones native country.
people that worked for the great wall lived exile.
Able to live forever.
Only some Chinese belived in immortals.
Han Dynastyhandynasty.jpg
The Chiniese Dynasty that ruled from about 206 B.C.E to 220 C.E.
The han dynasty was the biggest in China.
A form of goverment in witch a few people rule many others.
The shang dynasty had a bureacucracy as there government.
The art of a fine hadwriting.
Chinese used calligraphy paper to write and draw.
Something that takes away the feeling of pain.
A needle is a type of anesthetic.
Silk RoadDownloadedFile-1.jpeg
A network of trade routes that stretched more than 4,000 miles across Asia.
The silk road crossed several deserts that made it hard to cross.
Zhang Qianzhangqian.gif
A Chinese explorer.
Chinese call Zhang Qian the father of the Silk road.