History Term
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human sacrifices
external image aztec-sacrifice.jpg
A person that is killed for a religous ritual.
There is not many human sacfrices in religous rituals
external image healy-clan002b.jpg
A large group of friends and family.
I have a clan of friends and family in my niegheborhood.
Shang Dynasty
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The Chinese dynasty that ruled area around the Huang He from 1700-1122bce
The Shang dynasty was an amazing Dynasty.
ancestor worshipexternal image 0405_B12.jpg
Honoring ancestors through rituals,such as offering food and wine to the dead.
Ancestor worship is a very important part in China.
external image Chinese%20logos.gif
A written character that represents a word
Logographs are a very cool way to write.
external image economy-bad-shape.jpg
A system of managing the death of the community or region.
Are economy is very bad right now.
external image confucius2.gif
A chinese philosophy that emphasizes proper behavior
Confucianism is very strict.
Daoism/Taoismexternal image Taoism_Practice.jpg
A chinese philosophy that emphasizes living in harmony with nature.
Daoism is not strict at all.
external image 01461548.jpg
A chinese philosophy that emphasizes struck obedient laws.
Legalism is strict.
Mandate of Heaven
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A power or law believed to be granted by god.
The Mandate of Heaven is very interesting to learn about.
external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQBFFCk6IZFmSrx857jvO7qI9WTUopdx_Zgcd-ZADwli7KZ8QHe
A system of government based on landowners and tenants.
Fuedalism is important.
Zhou Dynasty
external image zhou-wen-wang-b.jpg
A line of rulers from about 1045 to 256 bce
Zhou dynasty is very important.
external image confucius.jpg
A chinese philosophy that emphasizes proper behavior.
You get in a lot of trouble if you mess around.
civil servantsexternal image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQTZ7lFHK81b3QhC63HtfgMs_N75L6csBcL0FuAeXwp3L1R4hJJ
A person who works for the government.
Working for the government is hard work.
Qin Shihuangdi
external image qin0067.jpg
The man who became emperor over a united China from 221 to 210 bce
He was a strong leader.
standardizeexternal image What+To+Standardize.jpg
To make the same
Chinese standardized there money by making it the same.
exileexternal image JewsInExile.jpg
Living away from ones native country.
While building the great wall many people faced exile.
external image highlander.jpg
Able to live forever.
I wish i was immortal.
Han Dynasty
external image china-han.gif
The chinese dynasty that ruled from 206 bce to 550 ce
The Han dynasty was important.
external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQlvdZL4ANv-8CcCwnsE4mz691h8sRLn0U5mVML8kjy_IHoAvZQ
A form of government in which a few people rule many others.
A bureacucracy are important
external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSw9skIAUwPfYTTXCBXY9I9eEC3olq8v_skHglVqp9-fanvN1km
the art of fine handwriting
I think that calligraphy is nice.
external image Joe%20Anesthesia%202a.jpg
Something that takes away pain.
I have haves many anesthetics.
Silk Roadexternal image 400px-Silk_route.jpg
A network of trade routes that stretched more than 4000 miles across Asia.
The Silk Road was a great transportation for trading.
ZHang QIn
A line of rulers in China from about 1045 to 256 bce.
This rule was important.