History Term
Definition in your own words
Use the word in a sentence that shows your understanding of the history term
human sacrificesChase_L-human_sacrifice.jpg
a person that kills themself for a reason
i would never do a human sacrifice
a large group of people
there are many family clans
Shang DynastyChase_L-shang_dynasty.jpg
a chinese dynasty that ruled from 1700 to 1122 bce
the shang dynasty was in china
ancestor worshipChase_L-ancestor_worship.jpg
honoring ancestors in a ritual
my family has a ancestor worship
a picture that represents a word
some languages use logographs as writing
a system that takes care of money of an area
our ciy has an economy
a chinese philosophy that has to do with behavior
confucianism can be a punishment
a chinese philosophy that has to do with behavior
daoism can be a punishment

a chinese philosophy that has to do with behavior

legalism can be a punishment

Mandate of Heaven
a power from god
some religions believe in a mandate of heaven
government based on landowners and tentants
under fuedalism the king owned all the land
Zhou Dynasty
a chinese dynasty that ruled from 1045 to 256 bce
the zhou dynasty was the second earliest dynasty in china
one of the great chinese philosophers
confucius was the creater of confucianism
civil servant
a person who works for the government
i have a relitive that is a civil servant
Qin Shihuangdi
an emporer from 221 to 210 bce
qin shihuangdi was very harsh
to make the same
when you mess something up you want to standerize it
not living in one's native country
i know someone who is exile
to live forever
i want to be immortal
Han Dynasty
a chinese dynasty that ruled from 206 bce to 220 ce
the han dynasty lived for 414 years
a government where few people rule many
some countries have bureacucracy
fine handwriting
i dont have calligraphy
the way of taking away pain
anesthetic can be used with needles
Silk Road
a route that spreaded more than 4000 miles
they traded many goods across the silk road
Zhang Qian
the father of the silk road
zhang qian found many new items on his journey