How does where a child lives impact her/her well being/quality of life?

What are the factors that contribute to the treatment of children around the world?

How are the rights of children abided by in various parts of the world?

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Fourteen-year-old Chu Ju and her family live in modern rural China, where a strict policy of two children per family is enforced. When Chu Ju's mother becomes pregnant again, the family hopes for a boy, because sons are strongly preferred. But when the baby is born, it is another girl, who is named Hua. When Chu Ju learns that her grandmother plans to sell baby Hua to an orphanage so that there will be room in the family for another child, hopefully a son, Chu Ju decides to run away from home to spare her sister this terrible fate. Chu Ju's journey brings her to a fishing boat, a silkworm factory, a rice paddy, and the bustling and modern city of Shanghai.

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What is happening in China today?

Watch this video about an American woman who started an organization, Half the Sky, to help the development of children (mostly girls) in Chinese orphanages.