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The shape of the land, and features in a area.
The topography here is great!

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The plant life of a place.
The vegetation here is disappearing.

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An area of sediment deposited at the mouth of a river.
There's a delta at the Nile River.

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A tough water plant used to make paper and rope in acient times.
I need more papyrus.

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A person who moves place to place.
My parents are nomad.

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People who lived to the northeast of Eygpt, in Canaan, from about 1800 B.C.E to 70 C.E.
My friend is a Hebrew.

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The first five books of the Jewish Bible.
She uses the Torah.

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The leader who led the Hebrews from Mesopotamia to Canaan.
I have learned about Abraham in the past weeks.

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A Hebrew leader who led his people out of slavery in Eygpt and brought Judaism its fundamental laws, the Ten Commandments.
I have also learned about Moses.
King David

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The Hebrew king who built Jerusalem as a holy city.
King David fought Goliath with a sling shot and won.

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The hebrew king who built Jerusalem's first great temple (son of King David).
Solomon is Kind Davids son.

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An agreement or promise.
I make some convenants.

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A daughter or son, granddaughter or grandson, and so on.
My mom and I are descendant to my grandpa.

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A gift of an animal for slaughter as a way to honor gods.
Egyptians made lots of sacrifices for there gods.

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A person who speaks for god to other people.
Can a priest be a prophet?

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A terrible disaster affecting many people and thought to be sent by God as a punishment.
Hopefully God doesn't plague us.

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The escape of the Hebrews from Eygption slavery.
Exodus was an important event back then for Hebrews.
Ten Commandments

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Ten laws that God gave to moses.
In some country's instead of ten commandments it's five.

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The seventh day of the week to be used for rest and worship.
I might want to try a Sabbath sometime.
Ark of Covenant

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The chest containing the Ten Commandments, written on stone tablets, that the Hebrews carried with them during their wanderings after their flight in Eygpt.
I want to go to the place where they found the Ark of Covenant.