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Part 1: Word-Processed Analysis Paragraph
The novel Far North by Will Hobbs is considered part of the adventure genre for many reasons. One reason is that it has lots of action. The bush plane that Johnny, Gabe, and Raymond are in lands. The engine won't start, and then they get most of the survival gear of the plane, but Clide falls in the river and dies. Clide was a hero because without the supplys the rest of them could die. This is on page 41. Another reason it is considered adventure is because it has fast paced action. It has fast paced action when they build a raft and go in to the river. This is when the raft goes in to bad water and they must go back to the cabin. When they get back they see a wolverine trashing through their stuff. This happened on page 140. Lastly, this fits into the adventure genre because it has a quest. The quest is when they realize they won't make through the whole Winter in one camp site, and because Johnny died. So they have to travel 100 miles to the nearest village to survive. They realized this on page 132.These are some of the reasons why the novel Far North by Will Hobbs is part of the adventure genre.

Part 2: 21st Century Project

Part 3: Source Document