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Antsy Does Time
Neal Shudterman
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A fourteen-year-old kid named Ansty finds out his friend Gunnar has a bad disease that may end his life. In order to help Gunnar, Antsy creates fake contracts for people to sign, stating they will donate parts of their lives to Gunnar. For example, Antsy's Dad, signed a contract stating he would give 2 years of his life to Gunnar. The goal was to give Gunnar 50 more years to live. Do you think they reached their goal? You should read this book and find out.
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Book Rating and Why?
I rate it a wikirific because, I thought this book was interesting and mysterious. I liked the storyline and how the book somtimes had cool twists. I aslo liked how somtimes I would'nt know what would happen next.
I thought the book was interesting but if was not the best book i ever read.
Wikitastic: WWWW
Wikirific: WWW
Wikioker: WW
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