History Term
Definition in your own words
Use the word in a sentence that shows your understanding
of the history term
The shape of the land like mountains, hlls, plants,and desert's
"This place has alot of topography",David said.
All the plant life in a area.
This place has excillent vegetation.
An area of sediment deposited at the mouth of a river.
I had to make a delta yesterday.
A tough water plant used to make paper and rope in ancient times.
I used papyrus to make a basket.
A pesron who moves from place to place with no permanent home.
I wouldn't like to be a nomad.
A group of people who lived northeast of Egypt.
I wonder what it would be like to be an Hebrew.
A type of text Historians use to understand the Jewish people and the development of Judaism.
The Torah might be difficult to understand.
He is a hebrew leader called "The father of hebrews".
I wonder what Abaham looked like.
The greatest leader of the hebrews, and he gave Judaism its fundimental laws.
I learned about Moses in school.
King David
A Jewish leader, he established Jerusalem as a holy city.
King David has my name in it.
The son of King David, also a jewish leader.
King David's son is king Solomon.
An agrement or promise.
There was a covenant made between God and Abraham.
kids and grandkids.
My descendants are getting older.
A gift of a animal for slaughter as a way to honor gods.
I have to mak a sacrifice.
A person who speaks or interprets for God to other people.
I think ive seen a prophet.
A terrible desaster affecting many people
I never herd of plague.
The escape of the hebrews from egyptian slavery.
I wonder when the Exodus happened.
Ten Commandments
The ten laws said to be given to God by Moses.
I what are some of the ten commandments.
THe seventh day of the week to be used for rest and worship.
I think Sabbath would be cool.
Ark of Covenant
The Chest cotianing the ten commandments written on stone tablets, that the hebrews carried with them during their wanderingsafter their flight from Egypt.
I learned about the ark of covenant