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Soccer Chick Rules
Dawn FitzGerald
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If the school levy doesn't pass, Tess Munro and all the other kids at Clarkstown Middle school will lose school sports, and, for Tess, the will, even to attend school. Tess's team has also just lost thier first game of the season, shattering their undefeated record. Now, the pressure is on as Tess prepares to win both her second chance at the only team she's lost to and maybe never being able to play sports again. Letting her team down, in and outside of soccer, is not an option. With a little help from some friends, the levy commitee, and her team, Tess may learn to master soccer girl rule # 6: Sometimes, you've got to take one for the team.
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Book Rating and Why?
I think this book was wikirific. This is because for the most part, the book was action packed, suspenseful, thoughtful, realistic, and obviously covered a subject I am interested in. But, in my opinion, it lacked detail, and at times could be bland. Also, I found the characters to be quite colorful, realistic, and well thought out, making the book easily relatable too.