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The surface of an area like mountains, oceans, deserts, etc.
The area's topography was rocky.
The amount of plant growth in a certain area.
I know that vegetation grows easily along rivers and lakes.
A place where water spills into at the end of the river.
The two long rivers led to a huge delta.
A plant found in water used to make paper and rope back in ancient times.
The papyrus plant made fine paper.3w
A group or tribe who wanders from place to place and doesn't live in a permanent home.
I am glad that we have permanent homes, unlike a group of nomads.
People who live in the northeast part of egypt.
Hebrews go to sabbath to worship god.
The Jewish Bible's first five books.
Hebrews study the Torah at sabbath.
A person who lead the Hebrews to Canaan from Mesopotamia.
Hebrews believe Abraham was a great leader.
A person who gave Judaism the Ten Commandments and lead the Hebrews to freedom.
Moses gave the Hebrews the Ten Commandments.
King DavidDelaney’s_King_David.jpg
A man who stepped forward to fight for his god, and was rewarded by becoming king.
King David was faithful and loyal to his god.
The man who built the first great temple of Jerusalem.
Only one wall is left from the first temple, built by King David's son, Solomon.
A promise or an agreement made between two or more people.
God made a convenant to King David that he would always be king then his children, so on.
A daughter, son, grandson, granddaughter, etc.
King David'd descendants will always be king, promised God.
Thge killing of an animal as a gift for God, asking for something in return.
The crops were not growing, so the people gave an animal sacrifice to God.
A person who translates God's word and orders to others.
The Pope is believed to be a prophet.
A series of huge problems thought to be created by God as a punishment.
The holiday Pass Over is from the plague.
When the Hebrews escaped from slavery.
The Exodus is an important part of the Hebrew's history.
Ten CommandmentsDelaney's_Ten_Commandments.jpg
The laws Moses was given by God.
At Sabbath, we study the ten commandments.
The last day of the week, for rest, food, and worship.
Hebrews have Sabbath every Saturday.
Ark of CovenantDelaney's_Ark_of_the_Covenant.jpg
The chest that carries the Ten Commandments, scribed on stone, after thier first flight from Egypt.
The Ark of Covient is thought to be a symbol sent from God.