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human sacrificesDelaney's_Human_Sacrifice.jpg
Someone who gets killed to serve in the afterlife or for a religious ritual.
When a king died they sometimes made human sacrifices so he'd have servants in the afterlife.
A group of people that are related or friends.
Clans are usually many people in a clan.
Shang DynastyDelaney's_Shang_Dynasty.jpg
A dynasty by the Haung He river from about 1700 to 1122 B.C.E.
The Shang dynasty had 5 social classes.
ancestor worshipDelaney's_Ancestor_Worship.jpg
A way to worship ancestors by offering things such as food and wine.
Mexican have ancestor worship on The Day of the Dead.
A character that translates to a word.
The logograph for good is a combination of woman and child.
A area, region, or town's managment of wealth.
In Michigan the economy isn't very good.
A philosophy from China that uses beliefs about acting properly.
People who believed in confucianism were treated badly by people that believed in legalism.
A easygoing philosophy that uses beliefs about meditation and being in nature.
Daoism was very easy going and did not enforce rules very much.
A philosophy from China that says to have strict rules and harsh punishments.
Legalism believers did not like the scholars that believe in confucianism.
Mandate of HeavenDelaney's_Mandate_of_Heaven.jpg
A form of authority that is said to be given by God.
An emperor can say that they rule because
A system of government in which large pieces of land are given to trusted people to farm.
The king only uses fuedalism with people he trusts.
Zhou DynastyDelaney's_Zhou_Dynasty.jpg
A Chinese dynasty from about 1045 10 256 B.C.E.
The Zhou Dynasty ruled a long time.
A famous Chinese philosopher who believed in Confucianism and lived from 551 to 479 B.C.E.
Confucianism comes from the name Confusius.
civil servantsDelaney's_Civil_Servant.jpg
Someone who has a job in Government.
Civil servants work for people with power.
Qin ShihuangdiDelaney's_Qin_shihuangdi.jpg
The emperor of united China from 221 to 210 B.C.E.
Qin Shihuangdi ruled the Qin Dynasty.
To even and make the same as other things.
You have to standardize serving sizes for guests so everyone gets the same.
Someone who lives in a place they are not native to.
A French man is exile to China.
A person who can never die.
Christians believe God is immortal.
Han DynastyDelaney's_Han_Dynasty.jpg
A dynasty in China that was in power from 206 to 220 B.C.E.
The Han dynasty used legalism.
The type of government in which a small group of people governed many other people.
A person in a bureacucracy must have their hands full.
Types of handwriting.
Calligraphymust be neat to be read.
A medication that makes a pain hurt less.
When I get a tummy ache I use an anesthetic.
Silk RoadDelaney's_Silk_Road.jpg
Trade routes that covered 4,000 miles across China.
The silk road was discoverd by Zhang Qian.
Zhang QianDelaney's_zhang_qian.jpg
The Chinese explorer who discovered the Silk Road
Zhang Qian discovered new things and brought them back to China.