History Term
Definition in your own words
Use the word in a sentence that shows your understandingof the history term
human sacrifices Mexico_conquest_human_sacrifice.jpg

If you dont follow the law you geat kild.

In Amrican If you kill some one you might have human sacrifices.

clan a_clan_crest.jpg

A large gorup of foks in your family or friends.

My mom died and we had a furnol whith clan.

Shang Dynasty Shang-Dynasty-map.jpg

An empire that took over.

In chain thoey had a big war between Shang and nosren chain for the empire to take over.

ancestor worship worship_ancestors.jpg

Is remembering their their ancestor worship.

In mexco they have an praid for Ancestor Worship.

logograph Chinese_script.jpg

Witen simboles for words.

In Amrican we have Logograph like a is for apple.

economy UnsustainableEconomy.jpg

lots of people live in a welthy economy.

In are economy prople live with harshthings or good thing.

Confucianism Confucius-philosophy.jpg

Emphasis on proper behavior.

My brother was showing respect to my mother and that is showing a good example of Confucianism.

Daoism/Taoism imagesCA9H5AFV.jpg

A wise man that is respecting nature in harmony.

My mom is happy and respect the nature in harmony.That is an example of Daoism.

Legalism image21.png

The a laws to follow.

In mishagain their is no steling,killing ect. that is an example of legalism.

Mandate of Heaven imagesCAXM6LOJ.jpg

A god to make laws.

In ancient Chain they had Mandate of heaven.

feudalism imagesCA86VFJJ.jpg

A goverment of socitey.

In America we have a Mandate of Heaven.

Zhou Dynasty Zhou_Dynasty_Map.jpg

A time line.

In my socal stuices book in the back we have a Zhou dynasty.

Confucius confucian-300x298.jpg

an imerrgration path.

the rodes are a good example of confucius.

civil servants china-civil-servants.jpg

A person how takes over.

in Ancient chain the people think that the god piks them.

Qin Shihuangdi 200px-Qinshihuangdi3.jpg

is an great empire.

In china Qin Shihuangdi toke over.

standardize imagesCAE2XD1S.jpg

make stuff.

my mom makes erings,cat toysand other.This is a good example of standardize.

exile JewsInExile.jpg

immortal imagesCA3VLFW6.jpg

to be alive forever.

in heavin you are immortal.

Han Dynasty pictorial_bricks_of_the_han_dynasty408146b471ed305d4608.jpg

a dinistey.

in china they had han dynasty.

bureacucracy chinese-imperial-examination-01.jpg

a goverment that ruled.

in mishigan we have bureaucracy.

calligraphy roundhand.jpg


in first grade we had to do calligraphy.

anesthetic General-Anesthetic.jpg

some thing that sets your mind away.

At home my grama deid so I had to anesthetic.

Silk Road silkroad2.jpg

A network of roughts.

in china the sillk road was very populer for trading.

Zhang Qian Zhang_Qian.jpg

Rulers in china.

in china their was a power empire named zhand qian.