History TermDefinition in your own words.Use the word in a sentence that shows your understanding ofunderstanding ofthe history term

human sacrifice Humansacrifice.jpg
A person killed in a religious ritual.
I think that it is awful that there were human sacrifices.
clan clan.jpg
A group of family and friends.
I have a clan because, I have lots of friends and family members.
Shang Dynastyshangdynasty.jpg
Chinese dynasty that ruled around Huang He.
We are currently learning and reading about the Shang Dynasty .
ancestor worship ancestorworship.jpg
Honoring ancestors through religious rituals.
I wonder what other things they do during the ancestor worship?
logograph logograph.jpg
Written characters that represent words in China.
My friend who takes Chinese showed me part of a logograph.
economy economy.jpg
A system that manages wealth of a community.
I live somewhere where we have and economy along with the world!
Confucianism confusiasim.jpg
Philosophy that only allows ior.
Confucianism is one of the three religions they talk about in chapter 22.
Philosophy that wants you to live in a place with harmony and nature.
Taoism is a philosophy related to the writings of Lao- tzu
As me and my partner read about Daoism we found it interesting that they want you to live in harmony and nature.
I would like to see some of the Taoism writings.
Legalism legalism.jpg
Philosophy that is really strict and has many laws.
Legalism was a really harsh way to live. If they didn't behave correctly they would have a harsh punishment.
Mandate of Heaven mandateofheaven2.jpg
A law believed to be given by god.
A lot of people seem to believe in Mandate of Heaven.
feudalism feudalism.jpg
A government based on tenants.
Feudalism includes tenants or land owners who are people who own land.
Zhou Dynasty zhoudynasty.jpg
Rulers from China.
I know a lot of Zhou Dynasty such as Qin Shihuangdi.
Confucius confusias.jpg
Is another Chinese Philosopher.
Confucius is just one of the many Philosophers we read about.
civil servants civilservants.jpg
A person who works for the government.
Civil Servants seem like they did a lot of work to please the government.
Qin ShihuangdiQin_Shi.jpg
A man who became an emperor over the united China.
Qin Shihuangdi did a lot of stuff for China. Some believe his decisions were really affective others do not.
standardize standerdize.jpg
To make the same of something.
Fashion designers sometimes standardize clothing.
exile exile.jpg
Living away from ones own culture.
Last year my class read about people who would exile.
immortal immortal.jpg
Someone who is able to live forever.
I bet everybody wishes to be immortal like me!
Han Dynasty handynasty.jpg
A Chinese Dynasty who also was a ruler.
The Han Dynasty made many decisions like Qin Shihuangdi.
bureacucracy bureacutya.jpg
A kind of government who people could rule other people or more.
I don't think I would like to be apart of a government like bureacucracy.
calligraphy calligraphy.jpg
The art of handwriting.
Calligraphy seems like really detailed writing with pictures!
anesthetic anthesict.jpg
Someone or something that takes pain out of you or something else.
When I have pain I wish someone like a anesthetic could take care of it!
Silk Road silkrioad.jpg
Trade routes that stretched 4,000 to Asia.
I wonder what kind of tools or things they take across the silk road?
Zhang Qian zhang.jpg
Traditional Chinese writing.
If you take Chinese this is what you learn Zhang Qian.