History Term
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The features of a place or region.
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Here in Michigan we have a lot of Topography.
The plants of a region.
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In Michigan we can buy Vegetation, plants and plant them in the ground.
An area deposited at the end of the river.
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On a tour me and my family saw a lot of deltas.
A water plant used to make rope and paper.
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When me and my friend were swimming in a lake, we saw a papyrus.
A person that moves from place to place.
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Over the summer I read a book and the main character was nomadic, he moved from place to place.
People who lived in the North East of Egypt.
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At school we learned about Hebrews.
The 5 books of the Jewish bible.
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My friend was reading the Torah.
A person who led the Hebres from one place to another.
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Last year our teacher was teaching us about Abraham.
Another leader who led people out of slavery.
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I remember one time when my friend was telling me about that after she got out of Social Studies.
King David
Establisher of of Jerusalem as a holy city.
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My friend was telling me about King David after she came back from a religous ceremony.
King David's song.
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Today we read chapter 11.3 about Abraham, Moses, King David and his son Solomon
A agreement.
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I made a covenant to my friend to help her with her homework.
A family member like a son or daughter and so on.
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I am a descendant to my parents.
Honoring gods by a gift.
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In my History Alive book I read about some of the sacrifices that the people gave to the gods.
A person who speaks about God.
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Every Saturday I go to Church and the Priest prophets.
A awful disaster affecting people. People thought that it was sent from God.

A long time ago there were probaly a lot of plagues.
The escape of Hebrews from slavery.
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There were probaly many exodus.
Ten Commandments
The ten law made by God to Moses.
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In Church we learn the Ten Commandments and we follow them.
The seventh day of the week for rest and worship.
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One day my friend did the Sabbath.
Ark of Covenant
A chest that contains the Ten Commandments. It is written on stone tablets.
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I hope one day that I can see the Ark of Covenant.