History Terms with
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Define the term in your own words.
Use the word in a sentence that shows understanding of the word's meaning.

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An area that is very big but it is smaller then a continent.
One time I traveled to a subcontinent and it was so big! It was hard to believe it was not a continent.
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A big wind that causes heavy rains to southern Asia.
Once when I was in Asia, there was a huge wind and brought really heavy rains to where we were.
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A flat area of land that is elevated from the land around it.
When we were reading a book in school, we got to see real pictures of what plateaus looked like.
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A big area of ice that slowly slides over land.
I have a social studies test coming up about glaicers.
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India's first religion.
Currently in class we are reading about Hinduism.
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A basic belief of Hinduism that stands of duty, law and obligation.
Hindu's believe that Dharma is the way to follow and if you follow Dharma that you will have good harmony and karma.
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In Hinduism, the one with major power that everything is apart of.
Some people that are Hindu do not like how Brahman is in charge of everyone and they are constantly destroying and re-building.
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The form that represents the quailties of Brahman.
Deity shows the major quailities and what you have to do in order to be apart of Brahman.
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How a person lives and how it affects the person in their next life.
People who are Hindu are major believers of good karma so that it wont affect their next life in any way.
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The cycle of life, death and re-birth.
The Hindu's believe that if they have good karma, they will be able to take place in samsara.
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Hindu's sacred writings.
In Social studies we are currently discussing Vedas.
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The ancient language of India.
Indians have a ancient language, it is called Sanskrit.
Brahman (ism)
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Brahman- the supreme power.
Brahmanism- ancient religion in India.
Brahman is a liking to some people and others not because they constantly destroy and rebuild.
Brahmanism is the major religion in India.
external image Pyramid_of_Caste_system_in_India.png
A group in Hindu society.
I wonder what the rules are to be apart of a caste in Hindu?
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A persons soul after death to be reborn in to a new body.
In class when were reading it talks about the reincarnation.
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A journey to a holy place.
To be a worthy Hindu, you must make one pilgrimage.
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A religion in India begun by Prince Siddhartha.
As we were reading chapter 16, the book talked about Prince Siddhartha starting a new religion.
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Siddhartha Guatama, lived in India and began a new religion, Buddhism.
Siddhartha lived from 563 to 483 B.C.E.
Prince Siddhartha
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Born in a garden, never saw what the outside world looked like. Until one time he got out and saw sad things. He wanted to make a change.
Prince Siddhartha cared completly about others.
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A person who gives up worldly pleasures.
Ascetics care deeply about others and try to help as much as possible.
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Good things given to the poor.
Alms are good things that are given to the poor. Such as food and other things you need to survive.
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The excitement of something.
There are lots of people who have enlightenments daily!
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A state of happiness and peace.
My friends and I always have nirvana.
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The merging of the government.
I dont hear a lot of things on the news that talks about unification.
Mauryan Empire
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An empire that flourished in India.
I hope to learn more about the Mauryan Empire.
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Command that is obeyed by the law.
Just by looking at the laws today, I think that I could find many edicts.
definition-a holy man who devotes his life to religous practice.
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Words in own use- I am interested in learning more about monks.

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