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The Penderwicks At Point Mouette
Jeanne Birdsall
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The book that I have read was, The Penderwicks At Point Mouette. The four main characters are, Skye who is now the OAP, (Oldest available Penderwick), Jane who loves to write Sabrina Star Stories, Batty who loves everything, Jeffrey who is a very good friend to the Penderwicks that they mat at Arundal, (second book), and Rosalind the oldest and cautious Penderwick sister. The setting is at a ocean in Maine called Point Mouette. There is so many conflicts, here is one problem that every Penderwick was upset about, Jeffrey could not make it to Maine because his parents would not let him go, the solution was Jeffrey finally made it to Maine with begging and pleading to his mother and stepfather. The plot of the story is that 3 of the 4 Penderwicks go to Maine while the oldest, Rosalind is off in New Jersey.
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Book Rating and Why?
I thought this book was Wikitastic, WWWW. The reason why I give it such a high rating is because this book is filled with so many adventures with the 11 and more characters. This book deserves this rating because it is very adventurous and you almost feel like your in the story and living every moment.