History Term
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human sacrifices
A person that has been killed in a religious ritual.
They use human sacrifices to please there lords.
A large group.
They fought to keep clans under control.
Shang Dynasty
A Chinese Dynasty.
Shang Dynasty was the larger of the dyanastys.
ancestor worship
Honoring ancesters through rituals.
Ancestor worship is very important to many.
A writen charater that represents a word.
People in the Shang Dynasty used logographs.
A system of managing the wealth of a comunity.
Our economy is not doing very well right now.
A Chinese philosophy.
Confucianism is the most decient out out of the three philosophys.
A Chinese philosophy.
Daoism expects you to know what to do and learn by yourself.
A Chinese philosophy.
Legalism has very harsh punishment.
Mandate of Heaven
A power or law believed to be created by a god
To be given the mandate of heaven is a great honor.

A system of government based on landowners and tenates.
Under feudalism, the king owend all the land.
Zhou Dynasty
The imperial dynasty of China from 1122 b.c to 221 b.c
Zhou Dynasty was from 1122 BC to 221 BC
A chinese philosipher.
Confucius was a great philosopher.
civil servants
a person who works for government
They is a large amount of civil servants.
Qin Shihuangdi
The man who became emperor over a united China
Qin Shihuangdi united China.
to make the same
Bakers try to standardize.
a person banished from his or her land
Many people were sent to exile in the north.
to live forever
Qin Shiuangdi desired to be immortal.
Han Dynasty
imperia ldynasty that ruled China(most of the time from 206 BC to AD 220)
The Han Dynasty lasted about 400 years.
a form of government in which a a few people rule many others.
The goverment of China at one time was a bureacucracy.
fancy penmanship ,especially highly decorative handwriting
Calligraogy was a very fancy way of writting.
something that takes away pain
The doctor used a anesthetic during the surgery.
Silk Road
A trading route
The Silk Road was not only for trading silk.