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Camp Confidential: Jenna's Dilemma :)


Melissa J. Morgan

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Jenna Bloom is Camp Lakeveiw Queen. This is Jennas 4th year of camp, and for some reason this year she is craving independence from her brother, and sister. Jenna has a lot going on in her family too, for example her parents getting divorced. Jenna is known for her pranks, and practical jokes at Camp Lakeveiw. Jenna is getting ready to pull the biggest prank of her life,and she thinks she will be known for this prank forever.

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Book Rating and Why?
Wikitastic: WWWW

Wikirific: WWW- I chose wikirific because the book was not as amazing as some of the other books that i have read, but it still had great detail from the beginning of the story till the end.

Wikioker: WW
Wikiicky: W