Gary Paulsen Extra Credit Opporunity
for Mrs. Westerlund’s language arts class

For the past few weeks, we have been reading and discussing stories/novels that fall into the Action/Adventure genre.

To earn extra credit in language arts, you may select and read one of the following Gary Paulsen action/adventure stories that you have NOT already read or had read to you.

  • Hatchet
  • Brian's Return
  • Brian's Winter
  • The River
  • Brian's Hunt
  • Mr. Tuckett
  • Tuckett’s Ride
  • The Island

Once you are done reading the entire novel, you will create a Wikitastic Book Review. To earn this extra credit, you will upload your Wikitastic Book Report to the the Gary Paulsen Wiki Page (use the tag: Gary) on our class/Westerlund Wiki by January, 6.

How to upload your Glogster or Animoto......
1. Create a new page on our wiki.
2. Name the page your first name + the name of the novel that you read (Kathy Brian's Return).
3. Use the Wikitastic Book Report Template
4. Tag the page Gary.
5. Fill in all parts of the Wikitastic Book Report. Be sure to embed either your Animoto, FAKEBOOK, or Glogster along with a source page to give credit to the correct websites for pictures/videos that you used.
6. Save the page