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Book Title:
The River
Gary Paulsen
Number of Pages:
132 pages.
Book Summary:
The book, The River ( The sequel of Hatchet) is about a boy named Brian; whoin the book Hatchet, was trapped and survived in the wilderness. Now, the government wants him to do it again, so they can learn from him, and he agrees! A man named Derek came along with Brian to take notes and record what he does to survive. One night, there is a lighting storm, Derek got struck by the lighting, and he falls into a coma. Brian has no other choice but to ride the river with Derek on a wooden raft, that he has made, to reach help/safety.
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21st Century

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Book Rating and Why?
The rating I give this book is Wikitastic: WWWWW! I gave it that rating because it's packed with action and adventure. That is my favorite genre besides mystery. I like how Gary vividly describes the story. He adds lots of details to every paragraph to make it VERY interesting!