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human sacrificeshuman_sacrifice.jpg
As a part of a religous ritual a person is killed or sacrificed to their God.
In the picture a person is being a sacrifice.
A large group of people who are friends or family.
This is the Whan clan!
Shang Dynastyshang_graci.jpg
A Chinese dynasty that ruled the area around huang he.
In the shang dynasty a whole tera cotta army was built.
ancestor worshipaaaahhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!.jpg
When people in ancient times pray to or idolise there ancestors.
In ancestor worship people pray to relatives who have died.
A Written charactor that is the meaning for a word or phrase.
This is the logograph for love.
a sistum in which a government manages the wealth of a community.
in an economy people manage money.
a chinese philosophy that emfasizes good and proper behavior twords others.
confusionism is a philosofy.
a chinese philosophy that emfasizes living in harmony with nature.
daoism is a philosofy.
a chinese philosophy that emfasizes harsh punishments.
legalism is a philosofy.
Mandate of Heavenlaw_law_law.jpg
A power or a law that is granted or given by a god.
mandates from heaven can not come from a person.
a systum of government based on landowners and tenants.
we do not use feudalism in our government.
Zhou Dynastyzhou-wen-wang-b.jpg
a line of rulers in China.
the zhou dynasty was in china.
the founder of confusianism.
confusius was a famous philosofer.
civil servantsservants.jpg
Somebody who works for the government.
there are many civil servants on earth.
Qin Shihuangdigrace_grace_grace_whan_whan_whan_grace_grace_grace_grace_grace_whan_whan_grace_grace_christina_christina_grace_grace_.jpg
the first emperor of China.
Qin Shiuangdi was an important person in the history of china.
Making something the same.
Sometimes in math we standerdize problems.
Living away from a native country.
People who dont follow dress code rules, are exiled from being fashionable for the day because they have to wear ugly grey sweatpants.
Somebody who can live forever.
Jesus is immortal.
Han Dynasty_han_han_han_graciiiii.jpg
a chinese dynasty.
the han was the biggest chinese dynasty.
a form of government.
not many people follow bureacucracy rules.
the art of fine handwriting.
One time I had a calligraphy kit.
Something that takes away pain.
I use anesthetis when I hurt my self.
400px-Silk_routegrace.jpgSilk Road
a network of trade routes.
Many people traded things on the silk road.