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Pictures of Hollis Woods
Patricia Reilly Giff
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In this book, there are quite a few characters. Their names are; Steven, Old Man, Josie, Hollis, Beatrice, Izzie, Henry, and The "mustard" lady. Steven is fun, creative, and nice to be around, Old Man is kind, sweet, and at times a bit harsh, Josie is warm-hearted, loving, and welcoming, Hollis is sweet, kind, artistic, and lonely, Beatrice isn't really talked about much in the book but from what has been said about her is that she is nice and loving, Izzie is nice and loving as well, Henry is the house cat, he's curious and a good guard-cat. The "mustard" lady is not very understanding, and a bit impatient. This book's setting is partly in Branches and the other part is in Upstate New York.
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Book Rating and Why?
Wikirific: WWW because it was intriguing and a bit confusing. It was overall a pretty good book.