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Don't Judge a Girl By Her Cover
Ally Carter
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In the book I read, Don't Judge a Girl By Her Cover, the main character is named Cammi who is an under cover teen spy in an under cover school for spies. Cammi goes to visit her best friend Macey in Boston and they get attacked. Macey's dad is running for president and when Macey's agenda for the day says to go to the roof of a hotel, as soon as they get there the secret servis agent leaves. Suddenly a big helicopter comes and people jump out and try to attack. Macey's brother is there also and Cammi pushes him to safety, then she hears the attackers yell get her and they pointed at Macey. While Cammi is saving Macey, a woman put her hands on her shoulder. Cammi sees the woman's ring and recognizes it but cant figure out where she had seen it before. Read Don't Judge a Girl by Her Cover to find out whose ring it was.
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I think this book deserves a big wwwww because it is adventurous and exciting. You don't know where the next page is going to lead so you don't want to put it down.