History Term
Definition in your own words
Use the word in a sentence that shows your understandingof the history term
human sacrifices225px-Codex_Magliabechiano_(141_cropped).jpg
Someone who is killed because of their religon
I would not want to be a human sacrifice.
A large group of family and friends.
I spend alot of time with a clan over the holadays.
Shang DynastyHannahP.shandynasty.jpg
a chinese dynasty that ruled from 1700-1122 B.C.E.
I think it would to be in the Shang Dynasty.
ancestor worshipHannahP.ansesterworship.jpg
honoring ancestors with food and wine.
I have a lot of ancestor worship in our family.
A written character that repesents a word.
In Chinese class, we learn logograoh.
economy Hannahp.economy.jpg
A system of managing the welth of a community.
We had bad economy last year.
A Chinese philosophy that emphasizes proper behavior.
We have Confucianism in our house.
A chinese philosophy that emphasizes living in harmony with nature.
At my house we have a little bit of Daoism.
A Chinese philosophy that emphasizes strict obedience to laws.
We do not have Legalism at my house.
Mandate of HeavenHannahP.manadate_of_heaven.jpg
A power or law believed to be granted by God.
A lot of people seem to believe in the Manadate of Heaven.
A system of government based on landowners and tenants.
I think feudalism would be a cool type of government.
Zhou DynastyHannahP.zhoudynasty.jpg
A line of rulers in China from 1045 to 265 B.C.E.
I would not like to live in the Zhou Dyansty.
The ruler of confucianism.
I think that Confucius sounds like a cool guy.
civil servantsHannahP.civil_servants.jpg
A person who works for th government.
My brother wants to be a civil servant when he grows up.
Qin ShihuangdiHannahP.Qin.jpg
A emperor of China from 221-20 B.C.E.
Qin Shihuangdi built the great wall of China.
To make the same.
"Can I standardize that?"
Living away from ones native country.
I think that exile can hurt someones feelings.
Able to live forever.
I would like to be immortal.
Han DynastyHannahP.map_of_han.jpg
The Chinese dynasty that ruled from 206 B.C.E. to 220 C.E.
The Han Dynasty ruled for a long time.
A form of government, in which few people rule others.
I Would not like to have a bureacucracy government
The art of fine handwriting.
I think I have calligraphy.
Something that takes away the feeling of pain.
I like to have anesthetics when i dont feel good.
Silk RoadHannahP.silk_road.jpg
Trade routes that stretched more than 4000 miles across Asia
I wonder some things they used on the silk road.
Zhang QianHannahP.zhang_qian.jpg
A type of Chinese writing.
We use Zhang Qian in chinese class.