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All Alone in the Universe

Lynne Rae Perkins
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In the novel All Alone in the Unierse Debbie's year is not going as planned. Her and her so called best friend Maureen and her are having some friendship problims. This book Is based off of Debby's past year. and all of her good and bad times. Debby is feeling all alone in the universe which leads to her feeling insicure and thinks she dosn't have any friends. Debby's year started going good but it dosn't stay stay that way. how debbie survives all alone in the universe read the novel to find out.
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I give this book a wikirific of 4 stars . Because it was a very good book but it got confuesing at times. Because there was alot going on at ceatin points and it was alot to understand. But i do reccomend this book to any of my class mates to read. If they do i hope they like it as much as i did.