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The surface features of a place or region
The topography of Egypt is mostly deserts.
The plant life of a region
There is not alot of vegetation in the desert.
an area of sediment at the mouth of a river
The Nile River has a large delta.
a tough water plant that was used to make paper and rope
Papyrus was a very useful plant.
a person who moves from place to place with no permanent home
The nomads don't have a place they call home.
the first people to believe in one God
The Hebrews are known today as Jews.
the first 5 books of the Jewish Bible
The Torah is one of the most sacared things of the Hebrews.
the leader who led the Hebrews from Mesopotamia to Canaan
The first person to believe in one God.
a Hebrew leader who led his people out of slavery in Eygpt and brought Judaism its fundamental laws the Ten Commandments
Moses delivered the 10 plagues to Egypt.
King Davidjordan_kingdavid.jpg
the Hebrew king who establised Jersalem as a holy city
David killed the giant Goliath.
Solomon jordan_solomon.jpg
the Hebrew king who built Jerusalem's first great temple; King David's son
Solomon built the Great Temple of Jerusalem.
an agreement or promise
Abraham made a covenant with God.
a daughter or son, granddaughter or grandson, and so on
God promised to favor and protect Abram's descendants.
a gift of an animal for slaughter as a way to honor gods
Often animals would be used as a sacrifice.
a person who speaks or interprets for God to other people
The prophet Moses delivered the Ten Commandments.
a terrible disaster affecting many people and thought to be sent by God as a punishment
God punished Egypt with ten terrible plagues.
the escape of the Hebrews from Egyptian slavery
The Hebrews Exodus was very large.
Ten jordan_ten_commandments.gifCommandments
the 10 laws said to be given to Moses by God
The Ten Commandments are very important to Judiaism.
the seventh day of the week to be used for rest and worship, according to the Ten Commandments
God gave us the Sabbath for resting and worshiping.
Ark of Covenantjordan_the_ark_of_the_covenant.jpg
the chest containing the Ten Commandments, written on stone tablets, that the Hebrews carried with them during their wandering after their flight from Egypt
Ark of the Covenant houses the ten Commandments.