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human sacrifices
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When a human is killed for a religious reason, like a ritual.
My brother was killed at a religious ritual and was a human sacrifice.
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A big group of families or friends.
I lived in a clan when I was younger.
Shang Dynasty

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The Shang Dynasty was a dynasty that ruled an area around the Hung He river.
The Hung He River from 1700 to 1122 BCE was ruled by the Shang Dynasty
ancestor worship
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Honoring dead ancestors by giving them presents like food or wine through rituals.
I honored Great, Great, Great Grandad today, I honored him with wine.
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A written letter (character) that represents a word.
The written Chinese language uses logographs.
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The system of managing money in a community or region.
I in charge of the economy in Michigan.
external image confucius,or,chinese%3B,pinyin:,k%C7%92ng,f%C5%ABz%C7%90%3B,w,pinyin:,k%C7%92ng,z%C7%90%3B,wade,giles:,ku-08d3d41ed5f7a103a8520c78d9050acb_m.jpg
A Chinese Philosophy that shows proper behavior.
My parents use Confusianism for homework.
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A Chinese philosophy that shows living in peace with nature.
My parents use Daoism for homework.
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A Chinese philosophy that shows strict obedience to laws.
My parents use legalism for homework.
Mandate of Heaven
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A power or law beleived to be given to someone by the gods.
A king of China once thought his kingdom was granted the Mandate of heaven because he took over all of China.
A system of Goverment mostly used by landowners and tennants.
My uncle uses feudalism, he is a tennant.
Zhou Dynasty
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A line of rulers from China that lived from about 1045 to 256 BCE.
The Zhou Dynasty existed in China for about 789 years.
Was a man who lived for 72 years.
Confucius was told to be the founder of Confucianism.
civil servantsimages.jpg
A person who work for the Government, in ancient China in the Han dynasty they were picked by their ability and knowledge.
My dad was a civil servant for the former government, he did anything they wanted.
Qin Shihuangdi Qin_Shi_Huang.jpg
He ruled China from 221 to 210 BCE.
Qin Shihuangdi united China for the first time but only ruled for about 15 years.
standardize Standardize.gif
To do/make the same thing.
I standardise that persons work.
Moved/ living away from your country.
I am in exile right now. I am British but I live in America.
You can live forever.
I am imortal, so far, I am 201 years old. I have been killed many times.
Han DynastyHan_dynasty.gif
A dynasty that ruled from about 206 BCE to 220 CE.
The Han Dynasty was largest by far of the 4 main dynasties.
A part of Government that means a few people rule lots of other people.
I think a King or Queen uses bureaucracy.
Handwriting which it told to be an art.
My best friend can write calligraphy.
Something that takes away your feeling of pain.
When I broke my arm they gave me anesthetic to take away my pain.
Silk Road
Trade routes that go for more than 4,000 miles across Asia.
My brother uses the silk road to sell his things in different cities.
Zhang Qian
He was a Chinese explorer.
He is told to be the father of the Silk Road.