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A country that is big, but is too small to be a coninent. Such as India.
A Subcontinent is quite big but smaller than a continent.

Strong winds that bring lots of rain in the summer to southern Asia.
Monsoons are good for farming, and the winds are so strong they can blow things over.

It is a place that is higher than the places around it.
A plateau is like a village on a hill.

Is ice that slowly moves over a piece of land.
Glacier (ice) have covered most of the Atlantic land.

Hinduism was the first big religion in India.
Hinduism, India's oldest religion, artifacts were found in India, hidden under red clay.

A basic belief of hinduism meaning law, obligation, and duty
To follow your dharma, you should do your duties and live as a person should live.

Everything is part of it, it is a supreme power.
Brahman is a supreme power in the hinduism religion

Deities represent the few qualities of Brahman. Deities are faces of Brahman.
In ancient India the most powerful deity was Indra, Indra was the deity of thunder.

If you have a good karma you will have a good class in their next life.
If you follow you Dharma you will have a good karma.

The cycle of birth, death and rebirth.
Hindus call the cycle of birth, death and rebirth samsara.

Vedas is a book of the Hindu sacred writings.
The vedas contain sacred hymns, texts, verses, prayers that are told or preformed in the language of sanskrit.

The sanskrit is the ancient language of India.
There is now a written form of sanskrit.
Brahman (ism)

Is an ancient Indian religion which is mostly the religion of Priests or religious scholars.
Vedism in now often called Brahmanism.

Is a class that you are in in the Hinduism religion.
In the caste the three groups are Brahmins (priests and religious scholars), Kshatriyas (rulers and warriors), Vaishyas (herders and merchants), Shudras (servants), Untouchables (people who were considered dirty).

That your soul is born into another body when you die.
People are released from reincarnation by doing the basics of hinduism.

is a journey to a holy place.
People go on holy journeys called pilgrimages.

A religion of India, started by Prince Siddhartha.
Prince Siddhartha started the Buddhism religion and became the Buddha.

The buddha began the hinduism religion.
Prince Siddhartha began the Buddhism religion and became the Buddha. The Buddha (Prince Siddhartha) 563-483 BCE.
Prince Siddhartha

Was a Prince and the son of a powerful king.
Prince Siddhartha found the path to enlightenment sitting under a Bodhi tree.

Is a person that tries to find enlightment.
Prince Siddhartha tried to become an ascetic but found it too hard and too painful.

Things such as money or food given to the poor.
When Prince Siddhartha became an ascetic one of the things he kept was a bowl for alms.

The middle path, meaning no pleasure but no pain.
Prince Siddhartha sat under the bodhi (enlightenment) tree and woke up as the Buddha.

True happiness and truth.
While Prince Siddhartha meditated he thought of how to reach nirvana.

To unite something.
King Ashoka united India using the Buddhist ways.
Mauryan Empire

Was an Empire that expanded from 322-187 BCE.
The Mauryan Empire developed through battles and took over most of India.

A command that must be obeyed by the law.
Edicts were carved into pillars normally 40-50 feet tall.
A man that uses his whole life for religious practice. Monks are people who dedicate their whole life for religious reasons.