Part 1: Essay Paragraph

Once you finish reading your novel, you will do two things. First, using the template shown on your assignment, create a word-processed paragraph which proves, using 3 of the elements of science fiction discussed on your guide sheet, that your science fiction book does indeed fit the genre.

PART 2: 21st Century Project

Please choose one of the following 21st Century learning tools, which have all been introduced in class, to show your understanding of the essence of the novel you just read.

1. GLOGSTER: Create a Glogster ( including the title and author of your novel, at least 5 pictures with textboxes (1 should be a 5+ sentence summary of the book), and at least 1 video somehow related to your novel with a textbook. Of course, you can add more. Remember you have the user id/password to get into this website in your planner.

2. ANIMOTO:Create an Animoto video ( between 1 and 2 minutes in length. Be sure to include enough words to show that you read the entire story. So, you should be including information from the beginning, middle, and end.

3. FAKEBOOK: Create a Fakebook page ( using the Premium Log-In given in class-- see/email me if you need this information. Using information from the book, create a Fakebook page for the novel's main character. Include at least 8 posts (dates if possible), at least 5 friends, at least 6 items in the Profile, and finally, at least one relevant video.

Part 1 of Animoto:

Make your own slideshow with music at Animoto.

Part 2 of Animoto:

Make your own slide show at Animoto.