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The Island
Gary Paulsen
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15 year old Wil Neuton life was starting to get better in Wisconsin, when he finally knew what it was like in Wisconsin; had good friends, and Cindy Mattson had finally noticed Wil. Then his father told him they were moving out of town to a small house in the woods. He thought that his life was going to end, when one morning when he was biking, he found an island at Sucker Lake. He started to go there for a while at first, but then he stayed there for one night, and stayed for days, and found out something about him incredible. With the help of his new friend Susan, and some time on the island, you will have to read to find out what happened!
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21st Century

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Wikitastic: WWWW
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I think that this book is Wikirific because there were a lot of confusing parts that I did not understand. But there were many good things about this book like it is very interesting and very well detailed. I also liked how the characters are so different in the story like how Susan is a girl that works on a farm, and Wil a boy who moved from the city.