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topogrphy is the lands features and surfuce.
the lands surfuce is topogrphy.
where you grow plants in a field or near water supply.
vegetation is a place where you grow crops and vegtables.
many streams around each other.
Deltas form when a river flows into another river water
a plant used to make paper and rope.
papyrus is used to make paper and rope.
a person that moves from place to place.
nomads are peple that dont have permant homes.
a sociaty of people that are religios.
hebrews are people that celebrate a certaint holliday.
is the jewish book with all the prayers and blessings held inside it.
the torah is the jewish prayer book.
God promised to give Abraham's family the land of Canaan.
abraham was tested by God by asking him to sacrifice his son, to see if he was wearthy for it.
one of jedisms leaders
moses lead the people out of egapt and throught the red sea.
King Davidlevis_star.png
he was the jews king.
King David the 2nd king of the Israelites.
Solomon levi_Solomon.jpg
he is King Davids son and built a magnificen new temple.
solomon is King David son.
a promise.
covenant is another word for promis or i will.
some one or some thing that is related to another thing.
i know many nice descendants
is when someone gives up something for another thing, also as a risk.
a sacrifice is a big risk to most people.
prophet levi_prohet.jpg
somebody that talks to god.
I am a special prophet.
a desaster that effects many people.
plagues are punishments from god.
is a book in the torah.
exodus is one of the books of the torah.
Ten Commandmentslevi_TenCommandments.gif
ten laws by god.
ten commandments are laws passed down from god to moses.
seven days of the week to relaxe and worship.
sabbath is seven days to rest and worship in gods respect.
Ark of Covenantlevi_ark-of-the-covenant.jpg
the ark holding the ten commandments.
ark of covenant holds the ten commandments.