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Book Title:
Brian's Hunt
Gary Paulsen
Number of Pages:
103 pages
Book Summary:
Brian Robeson is still staying alone in the Canadien forests. One night he finds a injured dog that is whining and crying. The dog is wounded; Brian cares for it. He wonders what kind of animal or person would do something so bad to the female dog. He heads north to make sure his friends okay, but when he sees the danger his friends were in and the danger he is in he goes out to find the animal or person who did it; he goes out for the hunt.
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21st Century

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Book Rating and Why?
Wikirific: WWW. I think this book, Brian's Hunt, Is Wikirific because I like the action and fast story telling in the end that really grabbed the readers attention. But in the beggining I thought it was a little stoy and hard for me to understand what was happening, but at the end it was great! Great book!