History Terms with
link or visual representation
Define the term in your own words.
Use the word in a sentence that shows understanding of the word's meaning.

To me a subcontinent is a very large country that could be considered a country.
The subcontinent India is a great place to visit.
A monsoon is a large thunderstorm.
The monsoon is coming so you better prepare!
A flat surface or land.
The plateau became hard and dry after the monsoon.
A glacier is a very thick, sometimes permanent land of ice.
The Native Americans to walk across the glaciers to get were they needed to go that was close to North America.
The main religion of India.
My friend practices Hinduism even though I'm not the same religion.
The rules and certain beliefs and things the must do as Hindus.
I know my friend has to follow Dharma and I have to respect that.
Brahman is the highest God of many faces for Hindus.
Shhh..... My friend is praying to Brahman.

One of the highest gods or goddesses.
Now she is praying to a deity.

What is in your future for birth, death and reincarnation.
It depends on how good your Karma is for your reincarnation. if you were bad, you might even turn out an animal.

The endless cycle of life, death, and rebirth.
Because your Hindu you will go through samsara unless your karma is clean, good, and pure.

The sacred writings of the Hindu.
Are you reading some of the Vedas?

The religous language of India.
Are you speaking in the sanskrit language?
Brahman (ism)

Brahman is the highest God of many faces for Hindus.
Shhh..... My friend is praying to Brahman.

The caste system is a system to show how rich or poor and how good and bad they are. Because of that they are judged of how they are going to come out in reincarnation also.
Today I learned the caste sytem isn't as strict as it was thousands of years ago.

The last step in the cycle. after you are born and die ( for Hindus) you are reincarnated which means you are reborn something according to your
karma and a little of the Caste System.
Do you know what reincarnation means? Cause I do.

A long journey to a religous place.
My friend's family are going on a pilgrimage to a far away temple for Hindus.

Buddhism is when your in touch with your inside self. When you are in touch with the Buddha.
There are many types of Buddhism from what I hear.

The Buddha is the Awakend One or the Enlightened One.
Today I learned how Buddha himself got his name and created his religion.
Prince Siddhartha

Prince Siddhartha was royal Prince who went on a journey to find enlightenment and get rid of suffering.
Prince Siddhartha found out the three

An ascetic is a person who gives up all worldly possessions to find enlightenment.
Prince Siddhartha became an ascetic to find enlightenment.

An alm is a small gift of food or anything to a homeless person or someone who neds it.
I learned that Prince Siddhartha took of all his royal clothes and put on a simple robe with a small bowl of alms.

The person who becomes one with Buddha and has escaped the life cycle.
Prince Siddhartha became an ascetic to find enlightenment.

When you have reached enlightenment and escaped the endless cycle of life.
The prince was the first known to get to nirvana and become one with himself and escape the life cycle.

To be unified means to be equal to everybody and everything so no harsh caste system.
Buddha made people have unification by his rules (4 noble truths+eight fold path).
Mauryan Empire

The mauryan empire was the first to be unified with eachother by using Buddhist methods.
I heard the Mauryan family was so powerful they unified India.

Edicts are the four general things the king had to have to be a sucsessful ruler.
I heard the edicts were security, general welfare, Buddhist value, and justice.
A monk is a person devoting themselves to that religion (Buddhist) with prayer and worship.
My friends dad is a monk and whenever I come over he's always at the temple.