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Lost and Found
Andrew Clements
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The book "lost and found" is about two twins named Ray and Jay that move to a new town in Denver colerado in a new school called taft elementary school. What they find out is that the school put both of there records into one. So the twins take advantage of the mistake and take turns going to school one day ray goes to school the other day jay goes to school. But one day ray tells a girl named milissa what they are doing and eventually the whole school new there where two grayson boys. One day the nerse was going through all the files like ushual and the nurse tells the principle the mistake and they planed a way to ceach them in the act to them and in the end the grayson boys go to school and are the twins again.
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Book Rating and Why?
Wikitastic: WWWW
Wikirific: WWW
Wikioker: WW I think the book was ok but it was pritty boring like the only exiting part was at the end when they got in truoble an that is my raiting
Wikiicky: W