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human sacrifices
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to kill a person for a religion.
the king made a sacrifice for the gods.
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A big group of people like family and freinds.
my clan came over for lunch and dinner.
Shang Dynasty

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the first dynasty in china.
the shang where in control thousands of years ago.
ancestor worship
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they worship their dead ancestous.
we prayed for ower past family.
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the ancent chines writing.
the king made a letter to his lord in logograph.
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A way to govern a comunity or religion.
the king taxed the the people for its government.
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a chines philosopher who emphasizes proper behaviore.
live the right way.
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a philosepher who emphesized living in harmony with nature.
live with a proper stres free life.
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a chines philosopher who empesized strict obedience and laws.
if you do this wrong you will go to jail
Mandate of Heaven
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a power granted by god .
god will chose a proper person.
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a system of goverment based on land owners and tenats.
the tenant wants the rent by monday.
Zhou Dynasty
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a line of rulers in china from about 1045 to 256 b.c.e.
the second dinasty.
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An irrigation system invented by the etuscans.
this is a good inention.
civil servants
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a person who works for the goverment.
civil servants are like police, workers, or fireman.
Qin Shihuangdi
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the emperor of united china. 221 to210 b.c.e.
he is the first emperor of china.
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to make the same .
to make 2 the same as 4 you need to add 2 to it.
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living away from ones native country.
i live in the usa but i am from china.
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to live forever.
people are not immortal.
Han Dynasty
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a chinese dynasty that ruled from about 206 b.c.e. to 220 b.c.
it was a short dynasty.
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a form of goverment where a few people rule meany.
a king rules many people.
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the art of fin hand writing.
it is good to practice

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somthing that takes away the felling of pain
acupunctiure takes away thefeeling of pain.
Silk Road
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a trade rought acoss asia that is 4000 miles long.
the chinese traded silk.
Zhang Qian
he brought the religion of buddism to china.
the was a great explorer.