Wikitastic Book Review
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Sixth-Grade glommers, norks, and me
Lisa Papademetriou
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Allison, or Allie Kimball is starting middle school, with her best friend Tamara, or Tam. However, they only have one class together, science. Her first day was rough, sitting next to Orren, her lab partner, in every class, but when Allie becomes the third wheel to Renee, one of their old friends, and Tam, what will she do? Be friends with Jack and Elena, her soccer buddies, or how about her crush on Chris, Jack's cousin? (Jack is a girl.) Find out in Sixth Grade glommers, norks and me by Lisa papademetriou!
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Book Rating and Why?
Wikitastic: WWWW It was great and it had alot of advice in case you were in a situation like it. It was also amusing and very fun to read.
Wikirific: WWW
Wikioker: WW
Wikiicky: W